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The Secrets of Heaven

Your Guardian Angel

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

I will reveal the secrets of heaven, pulling back the veil, so all can see. No one need be in darkness or in ignorance about the glories and the powers of the heavenly kingdom. So often, the powers of darkness overwhelm the world and the forces of evil take center stage. This discourages and disheartens. People fear and doubt. They lose faith in God and they turn off the path and get lost.

I will shine the light of heaven and will say to each soul, “Over here. This is where you will regain the path”. I will do this by revealing heavenly secrets, all the helps which the Father offers to his children. This light will scatter the darkness.

I begin with your guardian angel. At the moment of your conception, God chose an angel to guide you. The angel is always at your side, meaning that he uses all of his powers to lead you and protect you. Sometimes, these angels must even act physically, which gives rise to the many angel stories so common nowadays.

There is no need to list all that your angel does for you. It is enough to say that when you die, he will accompany you and stand with you before Jesus. His task will be complete. You will be the only human person that he will ever guide. You are very special to your angel. Ask him constantly for his help. He rejoices that you are aware of his presence.

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