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The Secrets of Heaven

Light of the Nations

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Everything comes to an end. Evil forces rise up, are poured out and are gone. However, the evil they leave behind in people’s hearts remains. This happens constantly. Every day, the waves pour out and human hearts are darkened, like a child slowly wandering off the path, not sensing its wrong direction. Only the blinding light of my heart can light up this darkness.

I speak now to my Church. You do not have within yourself the light that you need to illumine the nations and call all the world to my Son, Jesus. The current evils are too powerful and the present darkness is too overwhelming.

You desperately need me and the light that comes only from my Immaculate Heart. No other solution exists. This is the heavenly Father’s plan.

Search where you will. Consult your theologians. Try your new programs. Begin new initiatives. They will all fail in the face of the many oceans of evil that pour out so powerfully. Come into my heart and all will be easy and fruitful. There are so many more secrets to reveal.

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