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The Secrets of Heaven

The Permanent Fire of God

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Heaven has already sent God’s Spirit upon the earth, first in fragmentary and partial ways and then, in the fullness of the Pentecost fire that came upon all of us in the Upper Room. This sending was definitive. God completed the covenant with mankind that began with Noah and then with Abraham.

This fire of the Spirit hovers over the earth, remains always close to mankind and always desires to form human history. This fire lives in my Immaculate Heart and from my heart I send forth its warmth.

God comes closer and closer to mankind, always finding new ways and new doors. This Spirit of Jesus will never leave earth and will never be withdrawn. His sending means that, he, too, has left the bosom of the Father to dwell among us.

O mankind, I speak of this divine fire so often and in so many varied images! How often I speak of the need for man to open his heart to this fire. The Spirit’s fire dwells in the new Ark which can be found in my heart.

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