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The Gift of Light

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

My words are true and those who listen will walk a true path. They will not be fooled nor search for what is illusion. They will be on a solid road. That is why I speak.

Lies are infections that weaken the body of a nation. When there are so many lies, then the nation is sick, very sick. The lies are poisons, and as long as they lie hidden, they affect the body. America is built on so many lies. It claims that a fetus is not a person. This is the big lie which opens the door to so many evils.

Truth is a painful medicine and no one wants to swallow it. The remedy is put off and the lie spreads unchecked. So, I must speak.

I call everyone into a light where truth can be seen clearly. This light varies according to the recipient. For the good person, the light is gentle and urges them to greater good. For the sinner, the light is harsh. Not that I make it harsh but the light must expose what is evil. For the nation, the light must be very strong so all see and all can repent. I always offer my light but some condemn themselves to darkness because they do not want the light.

Now, I come to the heart of my teaching. You must ask for the light. That is the secret. Certainly, the light can come at any time but a sincere heart which asks will always receive the light. They will always accept the light, because they desired it before it was given.

When a person or a group or a nation asks me for light, I always give it in abundance. I give the light immediately, even though it takes time for the person to realize that they have the light. So, do not put off this easy task. Just ask for light and believe that I give it to you. This is not hard. Do it now. Do it often. I will always, always give you light.

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