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Going to Apparition Sites

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

I am pulling the whole world into the greatest light and away from darkness and the inevitable destruction that comes from that darkness. I bring favors of God that have never before been unleashed in human history. This is already happening in the many places where special devotion to me has sprung up. Yet, many do not go there. How many more I would touch with the graces of conversion and new life, if only they would listen to my invitations.

So, today, I speak to the many thousands who have traveled to these sites of my special presence and have been touched in a special way. First, you must keep alive the devotion that I placed there in your heart and must allow this devotion to be life-changing. Second, you must return to the site and rekindle the fire. The second or the third time will be even greater for you.

Finally, you must invite others to accompany you. I promise you that as you go, I will pour out great graces. There will be many hearts, not just your own that will receive them. Then, as you return home, the memories and graces will multiply as you recall what happened.

How can I pull a world so rooted in darkness into the great light of faith? I will use these pilgrimages of faith to those special places of light which I have established.

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