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All of a Sudden

Friday, January 13th, 2012

So many things happen “all of a sudden”. This is what I stress so much. “All of a sudden” these events will happen, yet nobody prepares. “All of a sudden” the damage is inflicted and everything is changed.

Jesus spoke often of this in his parables. All of a sudden” the master returns and the servants must give an accounting. Why did Jesus tell these parables? Why did he so often speak of cosmic events like wars and famines and earthquakes? Because man never remains helpless he can prepare. Jesus said “Watch and pray”. At that moment, the apostles had no idea of the imminence of his death.

“All of a sudden”, that is all that I need to say. “All of a sudden” the events of this year will sweep across the world, as no other year in history. So, my words become more urgent, “Watch and pray”. Can you not find time to pray? Cannot the family gather in prayer? Can you not find a few minutes for your rosary? All of these seem so small but they are beginning steps leading to far greater favors.

I can only say, “All of a sudden”. When events happen ”all of a sudden”, there is no more time to prepare. Do not wait. “All of a sudden” the events will pour out so quickly.

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