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The Opposing Forces

The Pulpit of These Locutions

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

During the coming year, much will pour forth from my heart and the words will be recorded for all. I want the whole world to know my thoughts so that they become the thoughts of everyone.

By accepting my thoughts as their thoughts, the whole world can come to a new level of faith. When filled with faith, people choose roads of light. They conquer. They overcome. They do not tire out. They build new worlds and preserve the good that they already have. Nothing can overcome a person of faith.

But how can they believe, unless someone preaches? How many faithful preachers speak my words! Even this is not enough. I must become the world’s preacher. I must ascend this little pulpit of locutions.

Listen to your priests and to all who teach God’s word. Learn from them every day. Yet, in these extraordinary times, their word is not enough. In 2014, I promise that my word will go forth, like a surprising light in the great darkness. All who hear my word and act on it will have nothing to fear. All is safe. By these little locutions, I am able to be with my suffering children.

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