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The Opposing Forces

My Deepest Secrets

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

I open wide the door of my heart and allow the whole world to see my deepest secrets. Only in this way can everyone be prepared. How can people understand the current events? How will they grasp what will happen, unless I spoke about those things? More than speak, I must instruct and teach time and again so they understand.

These locutions are so important. All who read them will gain the needed wisdom. They will not be caught by surprise. They will know exactly what is happening and how to respond.

My powers are still held back but my words go forth. I will not be silent. Even though I am on the sidelines, I can speak about what is happening. So, let these words go forth. Blessed are those who hear them. Even more blessed are those who speak of them to others.

To all who read these words, I will give a special light of hope. To all who live these words, I will dwell with you, abide with you, and pour out my greatest love because you allow me to be your heavenly mother.

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