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Overcoming Decisions Made in Darkness

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

I take you by the hand and I lead you into the mysteries, so all may see. I pull back the veils, especially the veils of darkness that cover over the iniquity.

If only the whole world could see the secret decisions made by those who wield great power. Formerly, those who had great power were also people of faith and the Church was an invited guest, not to gain anything for itself, but to see that fairness and justice was meted out.

Now the Church is excluded and the decisions are governed by self-interest. If the truth were to come to light, the people would be outraged. So, all is covered in secrecy. In secrecy there is the darkness of evil. When everything comes to light, it is too late to reverse the disorders. Decisions made in darkness lead the world into deeper darkness. What can I do?

The answer is light. All must be brought into the light. Darkness needs partners, people who are willing to share in the darkness. It needs collusion and secrecy. Sealed lips are the hope of darkness. This is what I will do. I will unseal the lips of those who see the decisions made in darkness. I will stir in their souls. I will flood them with light and courage. I will show them what to do and will help them to persevere in their course.

The forces of darkness will come against them. They will be discredited, even removed from their position. Yet, they will be mine and they will not give in. They will speak and speak until they are heard and the decisions of darkness are toppled. How many people will be saved by those who speak up because they are revealing the deeds of the powerful and the rich who control so much of the world?

I will put the mighty down from their seats of power and raise up the lowly.

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