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Heroic Charity

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I must speak quickly and simply because so many babble away. They seek to confuse and turn people’s eyes away from truth. I speak so that reality is laid bare. No need for many words. Let us get straight to the issue.

Mankind is no longer in control of his own destiny. He has sold the house and turned the keys over to another. He has sold his own soul and can no longer maintain that he is master of his own destiny. His is a boat set adrift in a powerful ocean. He has chosen this course by turning his back on God who alone can save him.

Now, forces will be unleashed and come upon the earth that he has never dealt with before. For these, he has no answers. The usual sources of stability –the central banks and the powerful nations – will themselves be caught up in this powerful tide.

All will not be lost for one reason. I will save a remnant. I will also provide for them. They will know that I have done this because they listened and called upon me. They are not the strong and powerful, the rich and influential. These will be the victims of their own collapse.

I will save the humble, the lowly and those who have little resources. I will save the peacemakers and those who seek the good of the land. I will not hold back my hand from anyone who extends a hand to others.

In these difficulties, those who share with others will have enough and those who gather with others will be comforted. Do not hoard, but help. Do not withdraw, but go out and see who is in need. To those who feed the hungry, I will give more. Those who cling to their food will lose what little they have.

The human race will survive by charity, thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice. Many people will be heroic. It will be the age of great heroes. People will realize, “We must help one another if we are to survive”. A new charity will spring up and all of this will prepare for greater blessings from heaven. This is the wisdom needed for the times ahead. Blessed are those who heed my words because they are words of life.

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