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Modern Events

Saving the World from Destruction

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

God does not want the destruction of His world. This violates the divine will that created everything. However, he reserved to mankind the great task of cultivating the earth and bringing it to fruition. Now, an enemy has entered, planting the seeds of evil that threaten to destroy everything.

I must say this. The evil planted by Satan in creation has not yet reached its zenith. Many hidden and surprising forces have yet to surface. What has happened so far is merely the preparation, the destroying of good and the removing of structures that would block evil’s spread.

From all that has happened, mankind is weakened and susceptible to greater infections. It has having little capacity to resist, and its resources are spread thin.

These times are perilous, like a patient in a hospital intensive care, unable to help himself and totally dependent upon the care of others.

Who will come to the rescue? Who can diagnose the illness and prescribe the needed treatments? World leaders have abandoned any thoughts of good and evil, of God and Satan. So many people have aside their faith in God’s providence and put their trust in the power of man. Who can lead? Who can show the way? Who has the light and understanding? Who can rally the people to call upon heaven in faith? Who is able to release the great rivers of blessings contained in my Immaculate Heart? I will raise him up, my beloved priest son. He and the millions who follow my path, will save the world from destruction.

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