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Modern Events

A Dangerous and Frightening Road

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

The results from the Iran negotiations will be filled with confusion. Each side will offer its own interpretation and the safeguards will not be securely put in place. In this way, the world will continue down its road of darkness, but at a much greater speed. It will head toward the very center of evil, when the world will be confronted with the unthinkable – nuclear arms in the hands of a terrorist super power.

Piece by piece, Satan puts his plan into effect. Much is hidden so that the West cannot judge correctly. So it will be with these negotiations. Iran will come away with all that it needs, still intact. It will gain a new respect as a supposed partner in world peace. More important, the sanctions will be lessened and more money will come in. The internal political protests will be stilled and Israel will seem to be out of step and marginalized.

The West has chosen to walk down a very dangerous and frightening road. This decision will paper over truth and pretend to produce a document of peace. There are many steps until all is signed. All the obstacles have not yet been removed, but the momentum to reach an agreement will sweep away the remaining difficulties.

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