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Fatima's 100th Anniversary

Walls That Are Not Firm

Sunday, January 11th, 2015

The foundations of society are weakened. What was once a strong fortress has become a mere shell of itself, ready to fall to the enemy and no longer a bulwark of faith. Everything looks the same. For a while, life goes on as if nothing has changed. Yet, the walls are not firm and people’s trust in them is misplaced.

No one speaks of this dilemma, pretending that it does not exist, but I must open my lips and proclaim to all the world. Your world can crumble tomorrow. You are vulnerable on every side. How you arrived at this point is not as important as how you survive. I am no longer speaking about a problem here and a problem there. I am speaking about the survival of human life; or conversely, the annihilation of nations. Which will it be? All will be determined in the next years leading up to October 13, 2017. That is my clear message.

These are not years to wait, or to sleep, or to merely watch the events. This is what you must do. Take all my words into your heart. I speak of the future, so you can act in the present. Take my warnings seriously but do not fear. Instead, act. Examine your life. My words contain power. They will move you from one lifestyle into another. Think of me. Invite me. Speak to me. I will come. I will fill your life. When I permeate your whole being, then your walls will be firm and you will stand in the day of trial.

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