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The Beginning Locutions

Like A Trapped Army

Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

Mankind has a path, a choice, a decision. However, a time comes when he finds no paths, has no choices and decisions are taken from his hands. Events overtake mankind and he has few choices. Unlimited opportunities suddenly narrow, and few remain.

Currently, people feel unrestrained. Many options are at their fingertips. More and more choices are made available. The time is coming when all of this will be reversed. Options taken away. Opportunities no longer available. Human life reduced to the necessities.

Opportunities have been squandered. Calls to repentance have been scorned. Mankind has chosen the wide road instead of the true one. Like an army that has foolishly allowed itself to be drawn into a trap, mankind has chosen the wrong road and has arrived at the wrong place. Nothing can be done because the darkness which guided man still has power. No one listens to me.

So, the events will come. The illusions will be destroyed. When freed from that false light, mankind will have a second chance. The events of darkness can become a door into light. The dark events hold a hidden blessing.

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