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The Torch of Faith

Retrieving Abandoned Lights

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

I would bathe the world in quite different events. History does not have just one road, a path that leads only into darkness. That was the only road before Jesus came. Now, a new path lies before mankind.

Unfortunately, that path has been concealed and covered over. People have set aside their light of faith. It lies abandoned by the wayside. They have been captured by all that is new, all the promises of a world built upon science.

I have picked up all these abandoned lights of faith. They are not lost forever. I have saved them in my heart, waiting for the moment when the events of darkness shatter the false illusions which have captured so many.

That moment will come. The great illusions that science can produce a heaven on earth without the help of faith will be broken. Many will submit totally to despair. Others will seek their lost torch of faith. They will find it kept safely in my heart.

Why not seek it now? Why wait until the dangers encircle the earth? That is what I will explain now. O reader, I offer to you a new torch of faith. I will place it quickly in your heart. You will cherish it and will never abandon it again. Hold on to this light and it will never go out. You will need it for the darkness.

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