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The Treasures in Mary's Heart

Clothing You with Light

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Because the works of evil, the great designs of the Evil One, will increase and because world leaders do not know to turn to me for help, I must protect those who do believe. Later, after Russia is consecrated to me and the Holy Father has turned all the eyes of the world upon my saving role, I can act in universal and visible ways. For now, I can act freely only in the hearts of those who believe. Why should I wait? Why should I leave those who believe shorn of protection.

Like a mother clothing her children for a walk in the snow, so I will clothe my children. The first piece of clothing is light. Each person will understand. They will see the ways of evil which are at the door and are everywhere. In my light, they will turn away from evil. Even more, they will remove these causes of evil from themselves and their children.

This light will also show them the road. This path is not easy to discover. Years ago, when the culture was filled with light, the roads to light were many and easy to follow. Now, they are few, hard to find, and not easy to walk. This is my promise. If you ask, I will give you the needed inner light. You will become acutely aware of the ever-expanding darkness. You will say, “I must seek the road of light”. You will search. You will find others. You will also find new paths of light. Do not hesitate. Begin immediately. The inner light and the paths which you find are my gifts.

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