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The Opposing Forces

The Two Fires

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

The fires are already lit. These are the fires of war, terrorism and destruction. All the world watches. The news comes daily of more deaths, suicide bombers and of civil wars. Those who could put out these fires have withdrawn. Those still on the scene are inadequate.

The result is inevitable. The fires will grow. The West says, “They are not in my backyard”. O foolish West, as if this fire could be contained. Does it belong to just one country or to one people? Does it have limited geographical boundaries? Who can even draw the boundaries of terrorism? It has struck many countries. All feel its presence.

You need another fire, the fire of peace that burns so brightly in my heart. Yes, the two fires are already lit but only the fire of evil has gone forth. My fire is still captive, unable to go forth in battle.

This is my promise. Even though my fire has not yet been released on the world stage, I will gladly place this fire in any heart that asks. So ask and ask and ask. Every request will be granted. My fire of love is lit and wants to pour out.

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