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The Opposing Forces

Government Interference

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

No one can oppose this darkness. It will soon be everywhere. It already permeates every corner of the world and every part of the Church. I must say this so clearly even though many will be astounded. That is how important is this truth.

How I looked forward to pouring out the light of Fatima. I sent the Angel of Portugal to prepare my way. The angel, by his visitations, prepared the children. Their hearts were ready for the apparitions. They received as much as they could, given their human frailty.

But even during the visions, I grew sad. The government interfered with the gift and the children could not receive everything. Even at its inception, some of the Fatima light could not be given and some blessings were never received.

This is the great mystery, which I will continue to explain in the days ahead.

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