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Revealing the Great Hidden and Saving Mysteries

The Unlocked Mystery

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

The greatest mysteries lie in my heart, the mystery of each human person and the mystery of all human history. These mysteries have great power to bring about the plan of the Father. However, many of these mysteries remain in my heart. They do not go forth and bring about God’s will that would sanctify the person, bring him happiness and also fulfill in him the reason why he was created.

Because these powers are locked in my heart and never sought by human beings, the person can only use his human powers to discover God’s plan and to fulfill it. These human powers are feeble. The light they provide is inadequate. Man stumbles, falls, walks the path of darkness and, often, never recovers because his mystery is still in my heart and not in his.

Why does mankind not allow my Son to help, to enlighten and to empower? Why are these mysteries still accepted and received? This is also the mystery of my heart, filled with all of God’s blessings and ready to pour them out upon anyone who comes. This is why we speak. The darkness and the sufferings of the world can only be overcome when the mysteries in our hearts are released, when the heavens open and the gifts rain down. This can happen. It is already happening to those who understand the plan of the heavenly Father to bless the world through my Immaculate Heart.

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