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A Year Filled with Dangers

Continuing to Speak

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

What is left standing? All has been changed. Walls of morality have been destroyed. Sources of true light have been extinguished. People who would lead nations into truth have been set aside. Surely, little groups of people and small pockets of society still call upon my name and live according to my law, but so much has been devastated.

If I give an alarm who will listen? If I call my people together, who will come? Yet, I must continue to speak so I can save those who will listen. O reader, do not grow discouraged by all that you see around you. Gather your loved ones and together listen to my word. I know you will act upon it.

The time is short. The time is short. That is all I can say. The events are about to begin, one event after another. Mankind is helpless because it has abandoned the only source of its protection and safety. For decades, it has walked a path of false freedoms which is really a path of death and servitude. Mankind is now very far along this road. The road seems like it is the same road, as if little has changed over these decades. However, mankind cannot envision what lies ahead on this road. When the events begin, what good is it to realize that mankind has taken the wrong road? Those who are to blame will scatter, disclaiming any responsibility for their decisions.

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