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Baptizing With the Holy Spirit and Fire

Monday, January 9th, 2012

As I speak, the waters of mercy flow from my Immaculate Heart, going forth to all whose hearts are open to receive. I speak so more hearts are open and can receive. Let us begin.

As my words first touch the heart, it seems hopeless. The water seems so frail and the obstacles seem so great. How will such a tiny stream even cleanse this heart that has been filled with so many sins or with so many disappointments, failures and heartaches?

But the stream is just beginning. The person has heard only the first words. Even here, some little problems are removed and new freedom comes.

The person begins to see the power of this stream. They see what they can do, what sins they can remove. Suddenly, my words and their personal efforts accomplish much. The person sees changes and new hope.

Then comes the next step, the sorrow for their sins and a seeking out of the priest. This does not happen at first. There is too much darkness. But when the light enters and hope springs up, then the person is ready.

There is so much more. They will continue to read these messages. The words will mean so much more because I have drawn them close to my heart. Progress becomes quite rapid. It is no longer the water of my words, but the fire of my heart which is purging them.

When they have reached this divine fire, they are at home. They have arrived. No need to go any further. They will just remain in that divine fire and be made holy. John baptized with water but my Son baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire.

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