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Chaos, Chaos, Chaos

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

When the door to war opens, who will close it? Who will put down their arms and cease to fire? This is not the only way it happens. Death determines the end not the love or goodwill of man. This is my point. When the doors of death open, when war begins, then what limits war? Do not the competing sides try to find more resources to emerge the victor. In the meantime, so many are killed and so much is destroyed.

Wars have wearied the nations and wasted their resources. Wars have killed their young, in the very fruitful time of their lives when they should be involved with births not deaths. Notice the inversion. The young die when their life is just beginning.

People believe that nothing can be done, that there is an inevitable cycle of war and peace. The heavenly Father did not make war a part of his original plan. He has plans for your peace. Weeds have been sown amid his wheat, and wars spring up everywhere. The seeds of war and violence are sown into so many hearts and the weapons of war are gladly sold and easily bought. Armies can be raised up overnight.

As this year begins, the world is an armed camp, awaiting only a call to arms. This call to arms will come frequently. It is going on even now as the year begins. The calls will get louder and the weapons will get greater. Where does it all end? The forces that used to police the world – the peacekeepers they were called – are now so limited. It is every nation for itself or even, every people within a nation for themselves, or every tribe within a people for themselves.

The structures that were in place, which gave the people an identity have been taken down. The identity of the nation is destroyed and many new identities arise, vying with each other, trying to grab the limelight. This is called a power struggle and as long as this power struggle takes place there is no peace and no identity. These shifting sands are places of chaos and confusion where little can be built and many grow confused. How I weep for my children in these countries of armed struggle and revolution. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. Chaos everywhere. This is Satan’s work and he has labored long and hard to bring it about. This is the fruit of his labors.

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