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Truth – the Source of All Blessings

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Truth must not be concealed. This is the work of the Evil One who constantly hides the truth from man. If man were to see the truth, he would be free, for God is truth. Instead, the truth is covered over, clever words are used and devious reasonings lead men away from what is obvious. In these messages, I have come to reveal the truth, to pull away the demonic covers and to place the truth, as a light on the mountain, for all to see. Today, I begin with the heart of man that is so twisted.

When truth is presented to modern man, he does not accept it. Instead he judges it. Truth is from God and is never meant to be judged. Truth is the judge. To bring about its blessings (and all blessings come from the truth), truth needs to enter the heart in a complete and total form, untarnished by lies and not mixed with opinions.

This is not what happens today. Man makes himself the judge of truth. Man thinks that what is true is what man accepts and what is not true is what man does not accept. But truth stands outside of man. Truth exists first in the will of God. Man cannot change God’s will. And God, in his love for man, reveals his will. The revealed will of God is truth and is the source of all blessings, but only if man receives truth into his heart. This is so clear. Truth begins in God’s heart and is meant to be placed in man’s heart, so that God’s blessings can flow. If man rejects truth, then he absolutely cannot receive God’s blessings. He has rejected the source of blessings, my Son, who is the truth.

A word – how powerful is a word. A true word opens the heart to goodness. An evil word turns the heart to darkness. How many words spew forth from the mouth of men. Today, I would speak about the evil of deceitful words.

Evil words were first spoken by Satan to Eve. Satan knew that these words were not true. They were meant to accomplish his purposes, which were totally opposed to the blessings which God had in store for all mankind.

Deceitful words led the human race away from the path of God and led mankind down a road of frightful suffering and destruction.

The same is true today. Satan uses the same tactics. He raises up people and he places deceitful words in their minds. He promises them great powers if they just speak these words. When they do, then Satan’s power is extended. He brings about exactly what he accomplished in the very beginning. He leads men down the road of deceit, a terrible road which leads only to confusion and despair.

That is why my Son said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. The true word leads mankind along a road that brings life.

Satan’s people will always speak words of deceit. They will always try to lead people away from truth. Their voices now are legion and the powers they have to communicate their deceits are more powerful and more extensive than ever (and will continue to expand).

What can I do? I can gather my children to listen to my words. Those who listen will walk a path of life and all the deceitful words, no matter how powerful or how multiplied, will have no power over them.

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