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!!! HIGH ALERT !!!

!!! The END of our Freedom, of our Existence !!!

The New World Order that serves my adversary has already begun to dominate the world, its agenda of tyranny began with the plan of vaccines and vaccination against the existing pandemic; these vaccines are not the solution, but the beginning of the holocaust that will lead to death, transhumanism and implantation of the mark of the beast, to millions of human beings. (Continue)


337. Mother of Salvation: Other Countries Will Follow England to Ban Public Prayer

Sunday, February 12th, 2012 @ 10:30

My child, how I weep when I see how many are trying to stamp out homage to my beloved Son.

I told you before that the battle has begun. Plans have already commenced to ban public prayer to God the Father, and His precious Son, Jesus Christ, in England.

This is only the beginning. Very soon it will apply to schools and other public places until it will become unlawful to pray in churches, consecrated to my Son, Jesus Christ.

Hatred among men and those in high places, towards my Son, means that they will do everything they can to ban the public practice of Christianity.

Those who hate my Son say they don’t believe in my Son. But, how can they show so much hatred for someone they don’t believe in?

Their contempt for my Son will become clearer as other countries will follow England to ban the public practice of Christianity.

It will become an offence to honour my Son.

Other religions, who believe in God the Father, will suffer also.

However, they will not suffer as much as the Roman Catholic Church and other Christians. Their suffering will become intense.

Pray, children, to avert much of this evil as it becomes more apparent now.

For so long those who claim not to believe in my Son have stayed hidden.

Now they will surge forth in confidence and persecute my Son through the suffering they will inflict on His followers.

Pray hard, children, to protect your faith and your right to honour my Son in public without being made to feel ashamed.

Please pray this, the Crusade Prayer (29) to protect the practice of Christianity

“O my Lord Jesus Christ, I beseech You to pour down Your Holy Spirit over all of Your children.

I beg You to forgive those who have hatred in their souls for You.

I pray that atheists open up their hardened hearts during Your Great Mercy and that Your children who love You can honour You with dignity to rise above all persecution.

Please fill all Your children with the Gift of Your Spirit, so that they can rise with courage and lead Your Army into the final battle against Satan, his demons and all those souls who are slaves to his false promises. Amen.”

Go in peace, my child, and tell the world to prepare for this great injustice.

Thank you for responding to my call today.

Mary, Queen of all the Angels

Mother of Salvation

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